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Redentore Historia Temporis: A Tribute to the Serenissima

Redentore Historia Temporis

Redentore Historia Temporis is much more than a watch; it is a captivating journey into Venice's glorious past. Designed to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the lagoon city, this timepiece stands out for its extraordinary dial, inspired by an ancient Venetian coin. In this article, we will explore the story behind this fascinating creation, from the coin that inspires it to the craftsmanship employed in its making

The History of the Coin

Redentore Historia Temporis

The unique dial of Redentore Historia Temporis draws inspiration from an ancient Venetian coin minted between 1684 and 1688, known as "Osella." Named after the dialectal term for female ducks, renowned for their delicate taste, it was part of a traditional annual gift from the Doge of Venice. Later, when procuring game became challenging, "Oselle" coins were minted to preserve the original gesture's meaning

Historical Context

Redentore Historia Temporis

In the 17th century, a time of great splendor and innovation, Venice stood out as a maritime and cultural power in the European context. During this period, Doge Marcantonio Giustinian, the 107th ruler of the Most Serene Republic, led the city through pivotal moments, from the plague epidemic to health and quarantine measures. It was an era of fervent artistic patronage, with Doge Giustinian contributing to the cultural heritage of Venice. In this rich historical backdrop of challenges and triumphs, the Osella coin was minted, inspiring Redentore Historia Temporis, becoming a tangible symbol of power and prosperity for the Most Serene Republic.

Dial Crafting Technique

Redentore Historia Temporis

To create this unique component, we digitized a 17th-century coin, transferring its shape onto a hard steel matrix. From this, brass semi-finished products are obtained using the coining technique. Once metal residues are removed, the dial undergoes the aging process through the application of mineral oils. This intricate craftsmanship replicates the aging of antique coins, giving Redentore Historia Temporis a distinctive and sought-after appearance.

An Engraving that Tells a Story

Redentore Historia Temporis

The case back provides insights into the coin's origin and symbolism. At the top, an imposing angel acts as the protector of the Serene Republic of Venice, adding a touch of majesty. Simultaneously, the background unfolds in the renowned Piazza San Marco, where a galleon, symbolizing the typical Venetian boat, completes the captivating picture, intertwining history and symbolism in a visually engaging tapestry. Thanks to these explanations, one can consistently appreciate the significance of this ancient composition.

Wear the Magic of Venice

Redentore Historia Temporis

In this watch, the Redentore transforms into a tangible symbol of our identity, connecting the roots of Venice's millennia-old history with the contemporary daily rhythm. Wearing it isn't just carrying the timeless art, culture, and charm of this unparalleled city worldwide; it's embracing our past while walking into the present, glimpsing a future infused with tradition and innovation.

Wearing this Redentore is a journey through the ages, a lively link to Venice's past that, with every beat, unveils its millennial history and accompanies us in the flow of time, transcending the tangible dimensions of a simple watch.

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