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A Limited Edition dedicated to one of the most fascinating places in the Middle East, featuring a splendid green dial with geometric decorations. Arabia is one of those remote lands that are traditionally shrouded in myths and legends. Its deserts are endless seas of scorching sand with a few happy islands, oasis where weary travelers could find well-deserved refreshment. The intense green of those patches of palm trees and bushes, inspired this new Nereide 39 GMT Limited Edition, produced in only 200 pieces.
  • 2 min read
The Seiko NE86 is undoubtedly an innovative movement, it is natural to compare it with the ETA 7750 (also known as Valjoux 7750), which has become over the decades one of the most durable and widely used calibers in modern era chronographs.
  • 3 min read
Redentore Riserva di Carica is Venezianico's most refined watch and we immediately deemed it the ideal candidate for a Limited Edition to dedicate to this event. This watch design functions as a reminder of the essential features and history of the country. The sand-colored dial, with its particular granular finish, is inspired by the desert, the element that has consolidated in the collective imagination as the most emblematic of this land.
  • 3 min read