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Our creations are inspired by the icons of Venice and are made using materials from our territory. Each model combines elegant style and functional design, telling the story of our artisan tradition.

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Our creations embody the soul of Venetian heritage, drawing inspiration from its iconic symbols and embracing the essence of this vibrant culture.

The beauty and refinement of gold have always captivated humanity. This precious metal, with its unique luster and intrinsic value, has played a central role in many works of art and luxury items. Our new creation, Nereide Aureo, combines the elegance of gold with technological innovation, paying tribute to the Venetian artisanal tradition.
Amethyst, with its intense purple color and mysterious allure, has always been one of the most loved and cherished gemstones. Its natural beauty and deep symbolic meanings have inspired generations of artists, including the skilled artisans of Venice. From this captivating connection between Venetian tradition and the magic of this purple stone, Nereide Ametista was born.
Redentore Historia Temporis is much more than a watch; it is a captivating journey into Venice's glorious past. Designed to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the lagoon city, this timepiece stands out for its extraordinary dial, inspired by an ancient Venetian coin. In this article, we will explore the story behind this fascinating creation, from the coin that inspires it to the craftsmanship employed in its making.

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