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Seiko NH34 / 4R34, the new GMT movement for everyone

Seiko NH34

The Seiko NH34A is a new entry-level automatic caliber with unique features. In fact, there are no other equally reliable movements that make it possible to offer a GMT watch within everyone's reach.

The Seiko NH34A / 4R34 is at the core of our most recent project, the new Nereide GMT 39, and its technical characteristics have allowed us to create a top-level automatic GMT in terms of component quality, while keeping it affordable.

Seiko NH34

Here are the main specifications of the movement:

  • 24 jewels;
  • 21,600 beats per hour;
  • 41-hour power reserve;
  • Independently adjustable GMT hand;
  • Automatic winding thanks to a bidirectional rotor;
  • Hacking function and manual winding supported.

We are lucky enough to have a close relationship with TMI (a division of Seiko specializing in the production of movements), which has long been working on the creation of a new caliber with a GMT function. When the TMI team introduced us their NH34A project in 2021, we were immediately thrilled.

New Nereide GMT 39 Collection

Nereide GMT 39
is the first watch from an independent brand to feature this caliber. Over the years we have used several popular automatic movements for our timepieces. However, this is the first time we are working with a brand new design, officially showcased by Seiko just a month ago. We are honored and proud that TMI allowed us to work with their new movement from the very beginning.

The Seiko NH34 / 4R34 is a completely new caliber and therefore manufacturing takes long time, even exceeding the 5-6 months that are usually required for other mechanical movements. However, careful planning allowed us to arrange the production of Nereide GMT 39 so that the final assembly could take place pretty close to the moment in which Seiko revealed this new caliber. In September we plan to complete this phase and the final quality check too, in order to start shipping the first production batch by the end of September.

Nereide GMT 39 Light Anthracite

Are you curious enough? Visit our website to find out more details on Nereide GMT 39 and save the opening date of the pre-orders, July 25th at 3.00pm. We are almost there! 

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