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Redentore, the Neoclassical masterpiece

There is a peculiar, unbreakable bond between Venice’s unique history and its citizens.

This is why some festivities, even if they do not hold a particularly prominent position on the international scene, occupy a special place in the heart of Venetians. The most important – and spectacular – is undoubtfully the “Festival of the Redeemer” (“Festa del Redentore” in Italian), which was established in the late XVI century to celebrate the end of the pestilence that raged in the city in those years.

It is impossible to talk about this event without mentioning Andrea Palladio.

Palladio and the Basilica del Redentore

Palladio is the artist behind some of the most beautiful buildings of the Serenissima Republic, as the Church of San Giorgio, the Palladian Villas, but he is also the man who gave birth to the imposing, glorious Basilica of the Redeemer, which is depicted in the engraving on the back of the watch that bears its name.

Palladio was born in Padua in 1508. He got closer to art and architecture thanks to his godfather. His education took place in Vicenza, at the time part of the Republic of Venice, where he developed his interest in ancient art and some important contemporary artists.

At the apex of his fame, after being commissioned to design some of the most important villas and churches of the entire Serenissima Republic, the Doge (the top institution of the state) tasked him to build the Basilica of the Redeemer to celebrate the end of the plague. This is still considered one of his most refined designs and hosts the works of great Venetian artists such as Domenico Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese.

How the Palladian style inspired the Redentore lines

As it was true for Palladio’s works, the balance between classicism and modernity is the key to the design of Redentore. The purity of Palladio’s style is reflected in the perfect circle of the dial, the uninterrupted sleekness of the Sapphire glass, the shiny roof-shaped hands. The minimalist stainless-steel case and the stylish engraved case back gift this timepiece the trait of freshness that allows it to be worn confidently in the 21st century.

For more information, visit the page dedicated to the Redentore Collection.