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At 15.00 on 25 July, you can pre-order Nereide GMT 39 with a 20% discount on the retail price.

- Price: $495 (instead of $625)
- Valid only for the first 500 customers
- Taxes and Duties Paid

Technical specifications

The pre-order opens at 15.00 on July 25th

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If you pre-order Nereide GMT 39, you will get one of the pieces of the first production batch. For you, shipments will start on September 26th.

For purchases made after the pre-order period, deliveries are not guaranteed before 2023.

Bezel Insert

The bezel insert is made of BK7 optical crystal and adopts a particular mirror finish in the lower half, a unique feature of the GMT collection. This material has exceptional physical properties. It is lead free, lighter and is endowed with a better quality than other glass crystals. Its properties of low dispersion (with Abbe numbers around 60) and low refraction (≈1.52), combined with high clarity, make it perfect for creating high-precision and durable glass objects.

The caseback

The finely engraved caseback celebrates the adoption (for the first time in 1884) of the 24 time zone system as a global reference time system based on Greenwich Mean Time. Around the representation of the terrestrial globe, the major cities of the world are shown next to their respective time zones. This way, you can set the time zone in the traditional way without needing your smartphone.

A focus on production with Alessandro Morelli

"Nereide GMT has been part of our collections for years, this complication is among the most popular among watchmaking enthusiasts, and especially by those who love to travel.

This new model has been developed on a 39mm case to meet the needs of those looking for an everyday watch with an intriguing movement"

"We are fortunate to work closely with TMI (a division of Seiko specializing in the production of movements), which has long been working on the creation of a new caliber with a GMT function. When the TMI team presented us with the first NH34A project in the course of 2021, we were immediately thrilled.

It was a pleasure for us to see the birth of this caliber and to have the opportunity to use it for the first time in our watches"

"Certainly being among the first users of an entirely new caliber is a very exciting challenge for our team. Over the years we have used various automatic movements, but in this case for the first time we are using a newly designed one. It's great to see how it develops, step by step as the months go by"

"Watchmaking is a very complex sector characterized by rather long lead times. Just think of the production of already widespread and widely used calibers, such as NH35A, or NH70A, or Sellita SW200-1. It can take up to 5-6 months. In this case, lead time was much longer as this is the first production of a new caliber. We have been waiting for it with great enthusiasm ... for us it is a privilege to be among the first to use it!"

"The Seiko NH34A is an entry-level automatic caliber with unique features. In fact, there are no other equally reliable movements that make it possible to make a GMT watch within everyone's reach.

It features a bi-directional winding, 24 jewels and a 41-hour power reserve. The GMT function is operated by a 24-hour wheel.

The GMT hand is also independently adjustable by turning the crown clockwise from the first position, a feature that true enthusiasts will certainly appreciate"