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Musou Black: Japan's Purest Shade of Darkness

Redentore Ultrablack - Musou Black paint

The timeless charm of black

According to science, black is the non-color because it absorbs all light without reflecting anything (as opposed to white).

The cult of black has ancient roots that span the centuries and has kept its evocative power and elegance unchanged over time. No one is immune to its charm, neither artists and poets, such as Henri Matisse and Coco Chanel, nor ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, who associated it with ingenuity, industriousness and the fertility of earth.

This is why black has always been the color of the most valuable fabrics, and whoever wears it takes on an aura of nobility, mystery, and impenetrable beauty.

Redentore Ultrablack - Musou Black paint


Not all blacks are the same: the purest comes from Japan

Most surfaces that we think of as black actually reflect some light. These are very dark gray, but not absolute black.

Redentore Ultrablack - Musou Black paint

The blackest acrylic paint in the world absorbs 99.4% of light and was developed only in 2020, by the Japanese company Koyo Orient Japan Co Ltd, who called it Musou Black™. Within a few months of its launch, it has captured the attention of artists and designers thanks to its exceptional properties. We too were fascinated by this particular paint and decided to use it to manufacture the dial of the new Redentore Ultrablack.

Redentore Ultrablack - Musou Black paint

Thanks to advanced studies, in addition to its incredible ability to absorb light, Musou Black™ also has a high resistance to fading and corrosion, so as to maintain the duration and beauty of the finish over time.

The solid coverage guaranteed by this extraordinary varnish allows Redentore Ultrablack to achieve a scenographic effect of the highest level, in which the gaze is lost in the total absence of perceptible forms. A full and true colour, so intense and pure that it will be impossible to tire of observing it.

In fact, absolute black creates a hypnotic optical effect, as it does not allow the shadows of the hands to be perceived which, together with the logo, stand out undisturbed against an abysmal black background.


Infinity on the wrist

Redentore Ultrablack - Musou Black paint

Wearing this watch is a unique experience, as it capture the attention of everyone around you. The anti-reflection sapphire crystal allows you to fully enjoy this "absolute black", in which every shape is lost. The Anilveau leather strap is another element that stands out for its essential elegance thanks to the total absence of superfluous details and the omnipresence of black, which covers every part of it.

Redentore Ultrablack - Musou Black paint

Finally, the caseback is another unique aspect of this new model. In the center, a satellite is depicted, symbolizing the era of space exploration, in which man faced the daunting challenge of total emptiness, in an environment where the dominant color is indeed absolute black.

We therefore invite you to close your eyes, immerse yourself in a silent void and listen to the ticking of Redentore Ultrablack, closing in, more elegant than ever. 

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